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Maxcene Crowe, Company Founder & Director

About Us

Darn & Dance was created from the simple fact that dance parents/guardians no longer have the time, or maybe the 'know-how' to darn pointe shoes (no matter how much they would love to).

Modern ballet pointe shoe designs enable dancers to forego the arduous task of darning however, we offer a darning service that is in keeping with tradition, which enables you as the dancer to preserve and reduce wear and tear on your ballet pointe shoes.

Dancing on pointe no longer has to be expensive (especially for professional ballet dancers and dancers who can easily dance through several pairs of shoes in just one week!!). "Help us bring back tradition".

We are based in the UK and offer our darning services internationally. 


Our Mission

We want our Customers to be delighted with our services.

We want our Customers to trust they are in safe hands.

We must be open, and share the way we do things.

We want our Customers to be informed.

We want you to use us again...and again.

Our Team

"We love darning for you"

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Maxcene Crowe

Company Director

Maxcene is Founder of Darn & Dance and created our online darning website to service Customers all over the World. Yes, there are You Tube tutorials; pointe shoes with material instead of darn however, no-one can replace traditional practices. We want to bring the tradition of darning ballet pointe shoes 'back to life'.  I have experience working with suppliers and Customers all over the world, "I am passionate about  people and good service."



Rae-Lorissa has been dancing for over 10 years and started on pointe  in 2016. Darning has preserved her pointe shoes for well over a year.

Rae is keen to support the business and encourage others to darn when they start on pointe. Rae is a young Ambassador for

Darn & Dance.

Associate Team UK

Darning Specialists

Our Associates work within the business to ensure our orders are processed, checked and delivered to the highest standards. Each Associate is issued with a darning kit, which ensures consistency of materials used. All pointe shoes are personally checked for quality before packaging  for shipping back to you.

We want to grow our Associate team in the coming years  to include workers and Ambassadors from all over the World.

Associates NYC

Darning US  Specialists

Our US Associates provide services to our US clients. Based in New York City, we are really excited with our expansion. The future has come early, our passion and love to bring back the tradition of darning has spread. Focusing on dance schools and ballet dancers, we look forward to providing our US  Customers with our darning services.

Andrea Plattner leads our US operation. Visit www.


to learn more.

Darn & Dance are Sponsors of HMWK, a corporate partner of the anti-bullying charity www.bulliesout.com

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